Gärdesloppet 2014

May 20th, 2014


Yesterday Stockholm was invaded by vintage cars – it was time for Gärdesloppet, or Prins Bertil Memorial, again. My last few sketching visits to this event ended like this, but fortunately the weather was fantastic this time.


I and a few other sketchers gathered early in the morning at one of the city´s public transport bus garages, to be picked up by a Scania-Vabis bulldog bus from 1938, heading for the event at Djurgården. It is quite an experience to get a ride in a vehicle like this – the wooden interior, the sound and even the smell are all a piece of motor history, and it´s great that this fellow is still rolling, 76 years after it´s premiere tour.


Later on during the day, we got the opportunity to tag along in the Bulldog for the veteran car parade through Stockholm. I did a wobbly (I must say suspension technique has developed since 1938) sketch from the front passenger seat, where you can catch a glimpse of the other old bus at the party, a Scania-Vabis Metropol from 1953. I was surprised to see that people of all ages were standing along the streets actually waving to the buses as we passed by. That is so cute.

Thanks a bunch to Thomas, Björn, Jens and the other drivers, for generously letting us into your precious vehicles!


As Gärdesloppet offers a huge field full of vintage cars from all times, it is kind of hard to choose which ones to draw in just a few hours. Apart from the bus, I went for a Citroën DS, because they are one of my favorite cars and I never see them in the streets anymore, and a huge Oldsmobile – because American cars from the fifties are just mad and a lot of fun to draw. But I could have gone on for another day or two. I didn´t get to draw any of the race cars, or the old Renaults, or the Jaguar E-types, or the Saab Sonett, or, or…


All drawings: approx 21 x 14 cm, UniPin fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

Östra Stranden, Halmstad

May 12th, 2014

Another sketch from our trip to Halmstad (scroll sideways to see the whole thing). Halmstad is a true summer city with nice beaches along the coast, though the beach season hasn´t quite started het. We went to Östra stranden (”East beach”) to take a walk and I sat down to sketch for a while.


We picked some seashells (why is it you always have to do that on a beach? It´s not like you haven´t done it before, right?) but I had to add them to the drawing later – after about twentyfive minutes my hands were deep frozen, due to a harsh wind from the sea.

45 x 15 cm, pencil, grey Copic Multiliner SP and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.


May 4th, 2014


I do drive too, but this is my fav distribution of work when traveling – my dear M driving while I tend to the drawing. Somebody´s gotta do it, right? ;)

We took a mini vacation in Halmstad on the west coast this weekend. The weather was cold-ish but sunny there, while incredibly bad in Stockholm, so it seems we picked the right weekend to go.


I spent about an hour sketching Stora Torg (Big Square) in Halmstad the next day. The city center of Halmstad is really pretty, with lots of old buildings (that church over there is the oldest, from the 1400s). I would have loved to do more sketches, but we had a lot of relaxing to do too, so…

Quite a few people stopped for a chat while I was drawing, and one lady suddenly stood right in front of me and spread her arms out in a dramatic pose, asking “”Will I look ok like this?”. Gotta love the Halmstad dwellers and their sense of humour. : )

Top drawing:22 x 14,5, UniPin fineliner, PITT artist brush pen, grey Copic Multiliner SP brush tip and watercolours, bottom drawing: UniPin fineliner, grey Copic Multiliner SP fineliner and watercolours, both on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook pages.


April 27th, 2014


Today I met up with a group of sketchers in Stockholm to draw at Riddarholmen, a small island connected to Old town. This place always feels a bit strange to me, because there are no apartments on this little island, only offices and courtrooms. What you get is a place full of really old, beautiful buildings, windows everywhere, some tourists strolling around – but not really much life going on. You will possibly have a tourist bus or two parking right in your view if you sit down to sketch here, but they won´t stay for long, and neither will their passengers.


There is a nice outdoors café here, though, which is usually quite calm this time of the year – perfect for a group of sketchers pausing between drawings. And in sunny weather, as today, the quay is the perfect place to bask in the sun, and enjoy the smashing view of Stockholm surrounding you across the water.

I am still getting used to my new Daniel Smith watercolours, and using mixes that I usually do with my Winsor & Newtons does not always work as expected. I do mix quite a bit of mud these days, but I´m thinking it will get better soon – we´re just getting acquainted. :)

Both drawings: 18,5 x 19,5 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum carbon ink, UniPin fineliner and watercolours on Fabriano NOT watercolour paper in handbound Russell Parry sketchbook.

Draw Gaudí – workshop in Barcelona, June 26-29, 2014

April 22nd, 2014


Come to Barcelona to discover the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudí with us! I and my fellow Urban sketcher Swasky will lead the workshop DRAW GAUDI from the 26-29th June 2014.
Together with the participants, we will visit and sketch our way through all the great works of Gaudí.

You will find workshop program, travel and contact details for download here: www.drawingonlocation.com.

Swasky is the author of “Enjoy Gaudí”, a book in the same series as my “Drawing around Sagrada Família”. Drawing on Location workshops are organized by Zahori de Ideas, the creative publisher behind these books.

Sketchcrawl #43

April 19th, 2014


Not many sketchcrawlers in Stockholm today, due to this being the day everyone celebrates Easter in Sweden. But two of us went to sketch in Skärholmen, a Stockholm suburb with a big shopping mall and a very active square. The weather was fantastic, and there were people everywhere, kids playing, dogs barking, music playing and a buzz of constant conversations in the air.


The weather gave the perfect conditions for sketching people. The warmth of the sun meant noone was in a rush to go anywhere, which gave plenty of time for sketching.

20 x 14,5 cm, UniPin fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

La DS Cornaline

April 16th, 2014


I went to Moderna museet (the Modern museum, duh!) in Stockholm with a friend the other day, and Gabriel Orozco´s famous Citroën DS was on display. I had to give drawing it a try, of course, which was a mindboggling experience. No matter how much I tried to get the perspective and details right, I still had the feeling I was doing it all wrong… For those of you who haven´t seen this car in real life, here´s a short video on Youtube (not mine) to give you an idea: Orozco´s La DS Cornaline.

There was a no photo policy in this exhibition, but as sketchers, we had no problems with that. A guard told off every person who tried to photograph the DS, even with their phones, but we were allowed to sit as long as we wanted to sketch it. :)

16,5 x 18 cm, PITT artist pen and watercolours on Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper in handbound Russell Parry sketchbook.


April 15th, 2014


Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm is a bit of a challenge to sketch. Apart from your sketch always ending up looking like one of the zillion touristic postcards that are sold everywhere in Gamla stan, it is usually hard to find somewhere to sit comfortably for a longer stretch of time, because the streets are so narrow and often crowded with people. But if you take a little detour from the main streets, into some small alley, you may suddenly find yourself in a place like this. Gåstorget (Goose square) is a super small square, and it was empty and quiet the other day, and even provided a bench, a bit of shelter from the wind, and some interesting angles to draw.

17,5 x 19 cm, PITT artist pen and watercolours on Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper in handbound Russell Parry sketchbook.

Low tide in shopping land

April 14th, 2014


Sunday morning is a strange time to visit the busiest shopping streets in Stockholm. You don´t often see them this empty, it´s almost bearable to spend an hour here at this time.

This sketch is a first for two things: I´m trying out a new sketchbook, handbound by Russell Parry, and I am giving my brand new Daniel Smith watercolours a test run. I have been wanting to try DS colours for ages, but they have not been available in Sweden before, which makes them expensive to get hold of. But now they are here, in a shop near me, so no need to wait anymore.

17,5 x 19 cm, PITT artist pen and watercolours on Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper in handbound Russell Parry sketchbook.

Slussen protests

April 6th, 2014


Spent a couple of hours at Slussen in Stockholm today, to capture some of the protest messages on the walls of Blå Bodarna (”Blue Stalls” – a walk tunnel that used to house an array of shops, of which only two or three are left, and soon closing). Handwritten messages are covering the tiled walls, protesting against the building plans for New Slussen.


I only saw one voice positive to the City´s glossy new vision of this place. I guess those who like the plans are counting on the City to go ahead with their plans – no need to go out and demonstrate your point of view.


45 x 14,5 cm, PITT artist pen, coloured Copic Multiliner SP  and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

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