Beach trip


The day after the Urban Sketchers symposium ended back in July, a few of us headed up to the north side of the island, to a village called Samana. We wanted to get away from the city for a few hours, and see some other parts of the Dominican republic, and a bus trip across the island seemed like the perfect way to do it.

We ended up at Anadel beach, a slow and calm place where the waves rolling in was the only sound present. We spent a few fantastic hours here, swimming, sketching, and eating the most wonderful lunch with all kinds of deliciousness from the sea.


The contrast to the bustling city life of Santo Domingo was striking. This beach was near empty, apart from some local kids playing in a little creek that hit the ocean here. The sea finally gave us the chance to cool off, which was nearly impossible in Santo Domingo. Refreshed and energized, we headed back to the city in the afternoon, stopping for a quick sketch in a nearby village.

17 Responses to “Beach trip”

  1. benjamin says:

    I’m somewhat sad I didn’t get to catch up with you all for this trip. None the less I’m glad to see the images. I really look forward to our next get together my friend.

    Benjamin J

  2. Isa says:

    très joli dessin, plein de quiétude.

  3. Kaisa says:

    Funny thing: for some reason I get a really strong sensation of tropical breeze from your sketches! A very strange sensation, in deed. I can almost feel the air moving, not quite, but almost. The scents of the sea and sand and dry leaves fallen from the palms hoover around me just beyond my senses. As does the sand and the sunlight. And I can hear, almost, echoes of the sounds: the waves, the palm trees, some birds and the calmness. Very strange. I have never been to a topical beach…

  4. Bonnie Ratzloff says:

    The palms rustling in the breeze from off the ocean…soft sand, and the ever constant waves… rolling, rolling in become so real when I look at your drawing. I haven’t been there, but I love your sketch!! (This looks like it could be the West Indies beaches I’ve been to.) I enjoyed!!…and also the palms… Love your site! BJR

  5. Joaquin says:

    I love the palm trees, so simple but so effective!

  6. Tracey Travis says:

    Very pretty sketch, I wish I could have gone on this trip!

  7. Oh, these are delightful! I feel as if I were there.

  8. hi!
    I admire your sketches, esp. the palm trees. Just wondering if I could use your image for an article. Will give you proper credits, I promise :D

    • Hi there, “palawan resorts”! It´s nice to hear that you like my sketches! You are welcome to contact me via email instead if you are interested in using my images as illustrations, I´ll give you a reasonable estimate on pricing. :)

  9. Wow! I am Dominican! You took me back home with your drawings! Thank you!

  10. David says:

    I really like these Anadel beach sketches. It must have been a wonderful trip (Excluding the hassle you had at the beginning) :)

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