Slussen with a carpenter

Another Monday off spent drawing. I went back to Slussen again (have been drawing quite a lot there before), this time with an updated carpenter´s pencil in hand. I was drawing with actual carpenter´s pencils this summer, but missed the real blackness of a good soft pencil.


Then I found this one in an art supply store here in Stockholm, the artsy alternative of the old trusted carpenter´s friend – it is actually a 6B! Much better.


I have been thinking that I need to start trying out tools that would work with mittens on, to be able to do some winter sketching later on. I think this pencil might be a winner. It´s a sturdy tool with lots of expression built in, and doesn´t involve any ink (avoiding freezing issues). And since it has such a clumsy point anyway, it should be ok that mittens are not ideal for delicate detail work.

17 x 24 cm, broad 6B pencil on lousy cheap paper in a folded sketchbook.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful solution for winter sketching! I found a clutch pencil on recently that I think will serve the same purpose:
    [Edited link out, since online shops always change their links. Amazon: Art-Alternatives-Pocket-Clutch-Pencil]
    The lead is 5.4mm, grade 2B, and there is a built-in sharpener. Such a fat lead means I can use it easily on the side. I’m wondering if I can find softer leads for it.

    I love your sketches!

    • Thanks Vicky! Thanks for your tip, even if I edited your link out. Online shops tend to change their links now and then, and I´d also like to keep the number of commercial links down on my blog. I left the name of the product in there, if someone wants to do a search!

  2. iHanna says:

    I need to get a pen like that – it draws such awesome drawings! ;-)

  3. Björn says:

    Inte bara bra, utan sjukt bra Nina!


  4. Bill Polm says:

    Nina, great drawing as usual, and a bit different from your usual media, I think.
    I wanted to email you but couldn’t find your address, so…
    If you haven’t checked out this sketchbook/journal you should:

    Stillman & Birn Beta, for example here:
    [link edited out, since online shops change their links all the time]
    Wonderful paper, sort of a cross between hot and cold press, nice and thick, made for artists. The beta (on of 5 versions) takes watercolor and pen and ink wonderfully.

    Also, I’m liking this one a lot too:
    I’ve done about 40 pen and ink drawings in it (extra-fine nib), several watercolored too so far–lovely near hot press paper.

    Regards, Bill

    • Hi Bill! Thanks, and thank you for the tips on these sketchbooks! I edited the links out, since online shops don´t keep the same links for long, and I´d like to keep the number of commercial links down on my site, but I left the names in there if someone wants to do a search.
      The Stillman & Birns are impossible to find in Sweden, but we got one during the last Urban sketchers symposium in Santo Domingo, and I´m eager to try it as soon as my current journal is filled. Don´t know if it was the Beta, but it looks like good paper and great binding (will lie flat in the scanner, and seems sturdy and strong).

  5. Nice–almost a charcoal effect, but without the mess and fixative! You Swedish people are tough–out there drawing in mittens with frozen ink! We Californians whine if it goes below 55. (80 degrees today, the day after Thanksgiving.)

  6. Alfredo Li Pira says:

    Really nice drawings, and a fascinating departure from your usual style (that I also like a lot!)

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