Biologiska museet – International Sketchcrawl #38


Yesterday was International Sketchcrawl day, the 38th one, to be exact. In Stockholm, eight of us went drawing in Biologiska museet (the Biological museum – you´ll have to press “In English, no direct links to the different pages).


Entering this museum feels like traveling in time. It is basically a big taxedermy diorama in a huge wooden building, resembling a Norwegian stave church. No fancy technical exhibition tricks, no digital learning games or whatever other museums serve to their visitors. Just animals. And a fascinating wooden interior.

magpie mixed_animals

Unfortunately, the old wooden building didn´t quite manage to keep the warmth inside. Yesterday was the coldest day so far this winter, about -15° Celsius, and some of those cold degrees seeped into the museum. This shortened our stay there a bit, with cold fingers we went for lunch at a nearby café instead. I managed to capture a few animals though, quick sketches in ink.

Approx. 14 cm high, different widths, Duke fountain pen and Namiki Falcon fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink.

8 Responses to “Biologiska museet – International Sketchcrawl #38”

  1. Jen Appel says:

    Old wooden buildings do come with their own personality, don’t they. But fun to sketch.

    I’m liking the birdies!

  2. Wonderful line drawings Nina! Here in Ottawa we met for our sketchcrawl at our museum of nature – no birds drawn, but there were a couple of moose sketches and one manditory dinosaur skelton with children drawing.

  3. isa says:

    j’aime ce repli à l’intérieur pour dessiner, et avec -15 °C , on comprends ! Tes dessins sans couleurs reflètent bien l’atmosphère du musée d’animaux empaillés.

  4. lilotte says:

    In Aix-en-Provence we met in the library for the sketchcrawl and it was very comfortable !

  5. Kaisa says:

    Biologiska is definitely one of my favourite museums! Always worth the visit and a great place to draw. It’s interesting how different the building as a space feels from the inside compared to the exterior. It really seems like a different world inside. It’s sad that the main diorama has become so shabby (is not very ‘lifelike’ when you notice cobwebs on a stuffed bird…) but then again, I love the melancholy of it.

    Love your sketches too. :) Especially the magpie and the tern.

  6. Lois says:

    What an experience to be in an environment of lovely wildlife to sketch. Your sketches are always very nice.

  7. -15 brrr lovely sketches despite the cold.

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