An Illustrated Journey


About two weeks ago, I received a copy of Danny Gregory´s latest book An Illustrated Journey in my mailbox. I feel so honored to be included in this book, among so many incredibly talented and inspiring travel sketchbook keepers around the world.


I have been quite absorbed in the book since it´s arrival. It is packed full of drawing habits, tools, travel stories and sketchbook pages, exactly the kind of stuff that makes me want to pack my sketching gear immediately and head out to draw.


13 Responses to “An Illustrated Journey”

  1. Isa says:

    Tu mérites amplement de figurer dans ce beau livre Nina, pour moi tu fais partie des meilleurs illustrateurs, dessinateurs. Bravo en tout cas, c’est une belle récompense !

  2. I found your Website via Pinterest and read this post. Thanks for proposing this book. I have at until three weeks and it’s amazing, like you wrote.
    So I learned the perfect naturalism isn’t that important for a good sketch.

  3. It’s a wonderful book, and I enjoyed reading your section very much. Many of the things you wrote resonated with me — that you feel like a place becomes more a part of you after you’ve drawn it, or you “own” it more. Will there be a video interview with you on Danny’s blog?? And will I have an opportunity to meet you in Barcelona? (I’ve been a silent admirer of your sketches and blog for a while… don’t worry, I’m not stalking you — just enthusiastic :-) )

    - Tina

  4. Stacy says:

    A week ago I purchased Cathy Johnson’s book about artist’s journals and was thrilled to find some artists that I “know” from the internet showcased in there, including you. I have been sketching for years and love to see how other artists approach their sketching and journaling. I will have to check into the book you recommend here next. It looks wonderful from the photos you shared.

    • It is interesting to see how others go about it, isn’t it? I love Cathy’s book too, it is incredibly inspiring. And Cathy is so generous with tips and techniques online too, her interactions online becomes an extension of her book.

  5. iHanna says:

    Grattis Nina, så kul!

  6. Riley says:

    I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive, and now I’m getting even more excited to have it in my little paws after reading your great post. Congrats on being a part of Danny Gregory’s book :)

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