Sketching gear ideas

Mini watercolour kit by Ed in Bath, UK

Mini watercolour kit by Ed in Bath, UK

Just a short post with no drawing for those of you who (like me) enjoy seeing the tools that other sketchers use:

Go check out Urban Sketcher Ed´s (Bath, UK) great pages about his sketching gear. Among other things, he has come up with some pretty nifty ideas for making really small watercolour kits like the one in the image here. I wouldn´t mind having one of those in my back pocket when I go sketching…

Follow the link below to his blog, and don´t forget to hover over “Sketching kit” in the main menu on his site, there is plenty more there! (And plenty of sketches on the main page too, of course.)

Mostly Drawing Sketching gear

5 Responses to “Sketching gear ideas”

  1. isa says:

    Merci pour ce lien Nina, et pour les autres aussi, belle ouverture vers d’autres artistes.

  2. Jeanne says:

    You can order oe of these “baby” palettes for $25US for

  3. Ed Mostly says:

    Hi Nina, many thanks for the link. Got back from holiday to find 20 times the usual number of people had visited my blog! Hope all’s well in Stockholm and that you can now sketch without the mittens… Ed

    • Hi Ed, your blog is sure worth visiting, I´m glad if I can point some people over! Nope, the mittens are still on. We have an incredibly cold spring this year. Nice sunshine right now, though, but still cold.

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