Report from the summer house, #1


I usually spend a little time at the family summer house up North during the summers, and always try to do a bit of drawing or painting while I´m there. This year I found an old pad of Cartiera Magnani watercolour paper there and decided to try it out.

Inspired by all the colour splashing friends that I met during the Urban sketchers symposium in Barcelona this summer (check out Paul´s and TIA´s work, for example), I started by splashing paint on the paper before beginning to draw. Only to discover that this paper is kind of tricky to work on – any paint that goes on, stays on. You can´t really lift anything off or soften any edges afterwards. Adding another layer of paint will not dissolve the previous layers, as it often happens on other papers.  So once the drawing was done, I had to add a LOT of paint to actually make some contrast in the images, and ended up with some quite bold colour choices. At first, I was kind of annoyed at how the paints behaved, but in the end, I think the results turned out pretty well.

Stay tuned for more of these…

20 x 20 cm, GEO College Pigment liner and watercolours on Cartiera Magnani cold pressed watercolour paper.

13 Responses to “Report from the summer house, #1”

  1. Fabiana says:

    I think it turned out awesome! Love how colorful it is. :D

  2. I found the same thing with that odd paper! The brush strokes sink right in and nothing is going to MOVE. It’s kind of fun if you use it like that, but it’s definitely not always what I want.

    That said, your drawing is GLORIOUS!

  3. Lovely sketch. I quite like the colour intensity, it adds nicely to the hot summer feel.

  4. BEAUTIFUL !!! Love it !! Perfect !!!

  5. It’s stunning Nina. The strong colours work really well.

  6. Nina, your painting is beautiful! I’m generally an acrylic painter and mostly paint on watercolour paper, so I know exactly what you mean when you say “any paint that goes on, stays on.” :-) You did well to adapt to that though, even if the effect wasn’t quite what you were anticipating at first. The strong orange colour really gives the impression of the heat of summer and is perfect for the summer house theme. I love the boldness of your colours. Wonderful painting!

    • Thank you, Louise! It is fun to try out other surfaces now and then, even if I´m not too crazy about this one. Makes me work a little bit differently, or, as in this case, very fearlessly, since I couldn´t change any mistakes anyway. : )

  7. Charlotta says:

    Spännande! Tänk hur olika papper kan fungera. det låter som när jag testade att måla på koppartryckspapper- färgen bara sjunker in, men en spaännande effekt. Du har hanterat det mästerligt!

    • Tack Charlotta. Jag har bundit skissböcker med koppartryckspapper nån gång, mest som experiment, och du har rätt – färgen bara sjunker in. Tyckte pappersytan blev ganska död i den boken, men jag använde upp den i alla fall. Hatar halvfulla skissböcker. ;)

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