Aspudden in snow


Sometimes you don´t have to go far to find pretty stuff to draw, the kitchen window is enough. A little extra fun to draw today, since it´s on the first page of a spankin´ new sketchbook, starting a landscape format Stillman & Birn alpha series today.

21,5 x 14,5 cm, watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

16 Responses to “Aspudden in snow”

  1. Russell Parry says:

    Hi Nina, simply love this (and most other) sketches of yours. I found your site after reading Kathy Johnson’s book, which features your work. I know it is important to develop my own style, whether I like it or not, but I do sometimes examine your work, and one or two other sketchers when I’m stuck with an effect that seems not to work, or cannot fathom how to approach something.

    As well as sketching I also hardbind my own sketch journals using high quality paper and archival materials. My own current journal is a mix of Schoellershammer 4G illustrator’s 250g and Fabriano Artistico 200g cold-pressed. Anita Davies (you may know her) has tried the books for me and been quite pleased, but although I am selling them locally, I would be pleased of opinions from other experienced sketchers. Do you have any interest in trying one for me, and giving me your opinion in exchange?

  2. David says:

    Hi Nina,

    I really like your last two posts! :)

    Have a good week.


  3. Erik says:

    Very pretty and gentle

  4. Melliott says:

    Love the colors, the perspective, and the ambiance. Did you use resist for the snowflakes? or are you just that careful/skilled?

    • Thanks Melliott! No, no resist, and I completely lack the patience to try to save the whites when they are so many and so tiny! I used a white POSCA pen for the snowflakes when the painting was done. :)

  5. Adeline says:

    This sketches is as poetic, sweet and vibrating as a picture of a children book! I love it!

  6. Isa says:

    Je reconnais les bâtiments devant la fenêtre de ta cuisine avec la petite vidéo que tu avais faite. Ton dessin est vraiment beau, les couleurs très douces, on pourrait le prendre pour illustrer un conte de Noël scandinave, j’aime beaucoup :)

  7. Beautiful! !! Like the colour in the background

  8. Eva says:

    beautiful and such a quiet atmosphere! What a nice view from the kitchen window – I will go and check mine.

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