I am excited to tell you I have two workshops coming up this year, both in an Urban Sketchers´ setting! :)

NAPLES INVENTORY: Collecting the city

Naples, June 5-8

The first workshop coming up is in Naples, Italy, Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th of June, 2014. This is a four-day workshop, with four different instructors (where I have the honor of being one). Along with our participants, we will go sketch hunting through Naples, collecting different aspects of the city in our sketchbooks.

The different parts of the workshop are (along with location and instructor):

City Icons, City Signs – Quartieri Spagnoli with Simonetta Capecchi
Sketch Hunt
– Zoological Museum with Federico Gemma
Ways to collect a place – Montesanto market with me
Order and Disorder - Capodimonte & Archeological museums with Caroline Peyron

Read all the workshop details, and secure a place for yourself here:
Naples Inventory – Urban Sketchers Workshops

IN THE MOOD – Urban Sketchers symposium workshop.

Paraty, Brazil, August 27-30

During the 5th Urban Sketchers Symposium this year, I will be leading the workshop “In The Mood”, where we will explore ways to convey the mood of a place in on-location sketches. The participants will explore how to convey different moods visually, and will be working both together with others and individually, to try to fins some keys in how to add more expression to their sketches.

Read workshop details here:
Workshop M – In The Mood – Urban Sketchers symposium 2014

And don´t forget to check out the whole fantastic Symposium Programming plan, and follow the Symposium Blog!

Registration to the Symposium and it´s workshops opens at March 31, at 4:00 pm GMT. (Find the equivalent time where you live through this Time Zone Converter.)

6 Responses to “Workshop-o-rama!”

  1. I already have bookmarked your workshop in Paraty, although I think I want to do tooo many – so many great instructors and workshops.

    I’d love to come to Naples, but I only reach Europe for the summer on 2nd June – next year perhaps?

    • Thanks Sue, there are so many great workshops planned for Paraty, I want to take them all! And I am really looking forward to the rest of the programming too, great activities all over. Looking forward to meeting you again!

  2. isa says:

    Je suis contente pour toi, ça devrait être très enrichissant ! J’aimerais bien participer à ce genre d’atelier … un jour peut être quand je serai plus libre ? ;)

    • Merci, I hope we can meet in a workshop somewhere – any good workshop, not necessarily mine, there are so many good ones out there! :) (Don´t know how to say that in French…;) )

  3. iHanna says:

    Oh wow Nina, you are the coolest! Such awesome traveling and learning ahead! :-)

    • Oh no, YOU`RE the coolest, you know it, Hanna! :) I am looking forward to all of this, of course, it is going to be so exciting and as you say – great learning too. No matter if you are an instructor or a participant, you are going to learn new things from each other.

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