Draw Gaudí – workshop in Barcelona, June 26-29, 2014


Come to Barcelona to discover the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudí with us! I and my fellow Urban sketcher Swasky will lead the workshop DRAW GAUDI from the 26-29th June 2014.
Together with the participants, we will visit and sketch our way through all the great works of Gaudí.

You will find workshop program, travel and contact details for download here: www.drawingonlocation.com.

Swasky is the author of “Enjoy Gaudí”, a book in the same series as my “Drawing around Sagrada Família”. Drawing on Location workshops are organized by Zahori de Ideas, the creative publisher behind these books.

One Response to “Draw Gaudí – workshop in Barcelona, June 26-29, 2014”

  1. Russell Parry says:

    Passed through Barcelona yesterday; what a great place for a sketch crawl! Spent a few days over Easter just north, on the Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees meet the Med, and in Girona, which is also a fantastic place to sketch, with unbelievable little alleys and steps (even for me, and I live in Shrewsbury, famous for its ’shuts and passages’) and varied skylines. I called in at an art shop in Girona and the owner seemed to know all about Urban Sketchers and the ‘artists’ sketchbook scene in Girona and around Catalunya. I think the shop was called L’Artistica (on Carrer Barcelona, not far from RENFE). Reasonable range of materials and some sketchbooks. Hope I can get back to this area for a longer visit soon.

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