Sketchcrawl #43


Not many sketchcrawlers in Stockholm today, due to this being the day everyone celebrates Easter in Sweden. But two of us went to sketch in Skärholmen, a Stockholm suburb with a big shopping mall and a very active square. The weather was fantastic, and there were people everywhere, kids playing, dogs barking, music playing and a buzz of constant conversations in the air.


The weather gave the perfect conditions for sketching people. The warmth of the sun meant noone was in a rush to go anywhere, which gave plenty of time for sketching.

20 x 14,5 cm, UniPin fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

7 Responses to “Sketchcrawl #43”

  1. Erik says:

    Very nice. The outlines of the people at Starholmen, without any coloring, though the world around them is colored, makes the people seem temporary, or like phantoms.

    • Thanks Erik! I know, not colouring the people does give another feel to them than if you do colour them. I kind of like it, and sometimes it just saves time. ;)

  2. Rogério Toledo says:


    You have an impressive portfolio. Congratulations!
    I’m planning a trip to Sverige. Searching about Stockholm I found one of your illustrations.

    Hej då!

    — Rogério Toledo

    • Thanks a lot, Rogério, glad you like my stuff. And hope you will visit Stockholm when you travel to Sweden, she is a pretty sight, this city. :)

      • Rogério Toledo says:


        Definitely! Everything seems to be beautiful in Stockholm.

        By the way, do you know Björn Gidstam (
        Once I saw one of his books… The drawings of Swedish nature and landscape are just amazing!

  3. Tipulida says:

    I wish I hade some one to sketch with, in time maybe someone more will pop up in Göteborg.
    Thankyou for the comment on the SketchCrawl forum :-)

    • I know how you feel, Tipulida, I´ve been sketchcrawling alone too – and probably will again sometimes – but keep at it. I´m sure someone will join you eventually! :)

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