A charming pile of rust


Might as well keep going with the cars here, I seem to bump into them everywhere right now. Must be the great weather we are having. :)

I loose all sense of scale with these huge american cars. It´s as if I kind of can´t believe my eyes when I´m drawing, and I should – you should always believe your eyes when drawing from observation. I loved capturing all the little details on this one – along with dents, broken parts and rust – but I kind of lost the overall proportions. I hope it´s still there next time I pass by, so I can give it another try.

20 x 14 cm, UniPin fineliner and watercolours in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

2 Responses to “A charming pile of rust”

  1. eSeN says:

    Nina, I love your drawings of the cars. I didn’t notice any scale issues, or at least not to say that it wasn’t deliberate. I think the sketches are charming and I love how you also write out and colour the names of the cars – the typography is great!

    • Thanks! I´m glad the scale problems are not obvious – I guess some things are mostly visible to myself when I´m drawing and sitting there in front of the original…
      Oh, and I´m glad you like the typography – I just love letters and type!

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