Sketching in Manchester, #2


On the 26th of August, I joined a sketchwalk through the Northern quarter in Manchester, with Andrea Joseph and David Lowther. So much fun to walk through new (to me) streets and take in the views together with a bunch of other sketchers! A few of us stopped at this place, the backside of Hatter´s hostel. Such a cool building, but I did have a real struggle with that staircase…


Then on to the Smith´s Arms pub, which is/was apparently one of Manchester´s oldest pubs, about to be demolished in the name of development. Lots of apartment buildings and condos are coming up in this area, and an old pub obviously isn´t worth preserving. A pity, I always like when each period of time is allowed to leave it´s layers on a city.


In the evening, our group met up with lots of other sketchers at the Dukes 92 by the Rochdale canal. It is a special thing to see a hundred or so sketchers in a pub – all the other guests are laughing and talking. Sketchers are concentrating.

Top and middle drawing: 19 x 18,5 cm, bottom: 18 x 10 cm, fude nib fountain pen with DeAtramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook pages.

3 Responses to “Sketching in Manchester, #2”

  1. Love your work and having been following it for a while. How on earth did you tackle the stairs on this building and how long did it take. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks, Inge (Victoria British Columbia)

  2. Limarea says:

    Fantastiskt fint jobb! Den översta byggnaden ser ut som en rejäl utmaning :) Alltid lika spännande när det kommer nya inlägg från dig :) Ha en fin dag!

  3. Isa says:

    oui bravo Nina pour tes dessins, les couleurs et surtout cet incroyable escaliers de secours !!

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