Tehuset, Kungsträdgården


Another one drawn in the company of Stockholm Urban sketchers. November is usually cold, but this particular day was sunny and nice, so most of us stayed outdoors. Tehuset (the Tea House) in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

Approx. 19 x 18,5 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook page.

4 Responses to “Tehuset, Kungsträdgården”

  1. Richard Rabkin says:

    I curious to know what Fude deMannen fountain pen you are using since the width of the line seems narrow compared to the ones I have.



    • Hi Richard, I have several fude nib pens, but the one I like best at the moment is the Kizuna Deco pen. It is apparently from Japan, but the nib is a Hero nib, which is Chinese, as far as I know. Nice and smooth to draw with. The lines seem rather narrow here (the black lines are made with the Kizuna, the others with a Lamy Safari, I think), but the drawing is reasonably big, which is important to know when judging line width.

  2. Richard Rabkin says:

    Many thanks for the information.

  3. Ed Mostly says:

    Love the soft blue background building

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