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I´m one of the teachers in Exploring, an upcoming Sketchbook Skool klass. Yes, that´s ´klass´ with a k, because Sketchbook Skool is no ordinary online art skool. Sketchbook Skool´s mission is “art for all”, they believe everyone is, and can be, creative. All people need are teachers to show them how fun it can be to develop a creative habit. Hopefully, that´s where I can do some good!

Starting April 17 – on this coming Monday! – Sketchbook Skool´s new Exploring klass will begin online. For each of the five weeks of the kourse, you´ll get a new teacher (including me!) showing you how to take your creativity to the next level. You´ll also join the Sketchbook Skool community of creative people just like us from all over the world. There are fun, informative lessons, great assignments, and places to post your creations.

There is still time to sign up for this kourse, but you don´t want to miss a single moment. The course will only be offered once – starting Monday, April 17 – and you can´t sign up for it once it has begun. On the other hand, when you have signed up, you will have constant access to the kourse afterwards.

To check out “Exploring”, and meet the teachers, click here.

Hope to see you in klass! :)

2 Responses to “Join me in Sketchbook Skool kourse “Exploring””

  1. Limarea says:

    Har precis kollat på Facebook-sändningen du hade häromdan. Jättekul att höra dig berätta lite och visa vad du använder för material! Och inte minst att se dig sketcha :) Hoppas du får riktigt många elever! :) Ha det gott! L

    • Tack! :) Det kryper alltid i mig när jag ser mig själv på film, men jag har bestämt mig för att övervinna såna larvigheter, så jag körde på. Det var en intressant och lärorik upplevelse, och Sketchbook skool var ett roligt forum att visa det i. Tacksamt när alla som tittar är intresserade av ämnet, ju. :)

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